Headford Mart Report 3rd/4th September

Friday 3rd September our Charolais Weanling Show and Sale took place.

Excellent trade on the evening.
Prize winners:
Weanling Heifers:
1st – John Walsh, Brodella, Shrule, Co. Mayo pictures below with John Greaney committee member presenting the prize.

2nd – Conor Burke, Beaghmore, Belclare, Co. Galway
Weanling Bulls:
1st John Reilly Memorial Cup– Martin Maloney, Kiloughter, Castlegar, Co. Galway presenting the cup Martina Reilly-Biggins, Emer Reilly and Ryan Biggins.

2nd – Séan McDonagh, Ballinakillew, Headford, Co. Galway

Weanling heifers ranged from €2.36 to €4.03 per kg or €490 to €1150 over the kg.

Top prize per kg and over the kg was 1st Prize, Chx, 380kg, €1530 (lot 6T).

2nd prize – pair Chx, 332kg, €970, €2.92 per kg (lot 6)

Weanling bulls ranged from €2.07 to €4.11 per kg or €420 to €1090 over the kg.

Top price over the kg and per kg, Ch, 350kg, €1440, €4.11/kg (lot 15B) 2nd Prize.

1st Prize – Chx, 470kg, €1370, €2.91/kg (lot 12J).

Saturday 4th September Bullocks ranged from €1.45 to €2.78 per kg or €165 to €1165 over the kg.

Top price over the kg, Chx, 715kg, €1880, €2.63/kg (lot 26).

Top price per kg 3, Chx, 453kg, €1260, €2.78/kg, (lot 15).

Heifers ranged from €1.67 to €2.89 per kg or €25 to €990 over the kg.

Top price over kg, Lmx, 680kg, €1670, €2.46/kg (lot 37C).

Top price per kg, Lm, 460kg, €1330, €2.89/kg (lot 40C).

Cull Cows ranging from €750 to €1950 for 6 yr old Ch, 895kg (lot 50A).

In calf heifers fetched from €1000 to €1900 (lot 56A) 3 year old 5 star Hex heifer in calf to AI Lim bull

Sheep: Culls ranged from €70 to €158. Breeders ranged from €95 to €166 for 2nd crop. Hogget’s ranged from €130 to €208.

Lambs ranged from €80 to €180 or €2.16 to €3.67 per kg
• 49kg, €180, €3.67/kg – (Lot S19)
• 36.5kg, €128, €3.51/kg – (Lot S20A)
• 40kg, €135, €3.38/kg – (Lot S20)
• 40kg, €132, €3.30/kg – (Lot S36A)
• 52kg, €160, €3.08/kg – (Lot S34)
• 47kg, €145, €3.09/kg – (Lot S34A)
• 32kg, €101, €3.16/kg – (Lot S11)

Upcoming sales:
Friday 10th September – Limousin and Belgian Blue Show & Sale (2021 born)
Saturday 18th September – Annual Autumn Cattle Show & Sale
Weanling sale every Friday evening until mid-November. Booking highly advisable for Friday and Saturday sales. We are still under Covid restrictions and limited to ringside buyers. A reminder that children are not permitted on the premises during these restrictions. All cattle presented in the mart must have 2 tags and all sheep must have 2 tags the factory tag will not surpass. Thank you for your continued support.

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