Headford Mart Report – 12/06/2021

Saturday 12th June, numbers similar to the week previous with firm trade recorded across the board.

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Bullocks ranged from €1.78 to €3.06 per kg or €280 to €945 over the kg.

Top price over the kg, Lmx, 725kg, €1670, €2.30/kg (lot 6X) and Lmx, 635kg, €1580, €2.49/kg (lot 4).

LOT 6X Below

Lot 4 below

Top price per kg, 4 Chx, 304kg, €930, €3.06/kg, (lot 10B below).

Heifers ranged from €1.90 to €2.74 per kg or €150 to €1140 over the kg.

Top price over kg, Lmx, 700kg, €1840, €2.63/kg (lot 16C).

Top price per kg, Lmx, 325kg, €890, €2.74/kg (lot 18B) and Six, 325kg, €890, €2.74/kg (lot 19A).

Weanling Bulls ranged from €1.89 to €2.63 per kg or €245 to €670 over the kg.

Top price over the kg, Bbx, 410kg, €1080, €2.63/kg, (Lot 26A).

Cull Cows ranging from €1.54 to €2.46/kg or €950 to €1650 for 2 yr old Chx, 685kg.

Cow and calf pairings/in calf cows fetched from €810 to €2100 for 6 year old Aax with April Lmx heifer calf at foot.

Sheep: Culls/Breeders ranged from €104 to €179.

Ewes with lambs at foot ranged from €190 up to €244 for ewes with couples at foot.

Lambs/Hoggets ranged from €70 to €158 or €1.91 to €3.38 per kg.

  • 50kg, €158, €3.16/kg
  • 37kg, €125, €3.38/kg
  • 44kg, €145, €3.30/kg
  • 44kg, €142, €3.23/kg
  • 47kg, €150, €3.19/kg
  • 41.5kg, €132, €3.18/kg
  • 56kg, €145, €2.59/kg

Saturday 19th June 2021 special sale for continental bullocks, heifers and weanlings.

Pre Booking essential and advisable for stock contact 093-35572 or 093-35551!

Cattle sale 11:00 am, Sheep sale 10:00 am. Our sale can still be accessed online with LSL auctions and we encourage anyone that can use the app to please do so.

A face covering must be worn on the mart premises!

More videos can be found on our Facebook Page or on the LSL Auction App.


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